christoph ender

about me

Software Developer
Husum, Germany

I'm a software developer living at the North Sea in Husum, Germany, working on Java, .NET and C projects with Oracle and MySQL, spending some of my spare time on the fizmo IF interpreter, the website and digital photography.


Clinical Trial Management System, IT Infrastructure

Recent activites include IT infrastructure and development work for Schulz & Löw Consulting and the implementation of the EasyClin CTMS, an extremely flexible and robust management system used in clinical trials for SynapCon Ltd.

Webshop, B2B-System
Unix administration
I have also built a webshop and B2B-System at Pegasus Spiele, a high-availability Linux-based hard- and software solution for SynapCon to run the CTMS, the IT system at Amantec CRO including a law-conformant mail system and worked on automatic recommendation system fundamentals for the Technical University of Darmstadt and Deutsche Telekom.


Typography & fonts

I'm interested in typography, fonts, layout and things related, resulting in a typeset version of the Sherlock Holmes canon at

Interactive fiction

I also like interactive fiction and have implemented a Z-code interpreter library and a corresponding text-based frontend called fizmo, which can be used to run old Infocom text adventures and stories which were created with the Inform compiler.



I'm on twitter, you can find me at @christoph_ender.

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#Telekom-Zugang für die #NSA? Wie lange die darauf wohl gewartet haben? @DerSPIEGEL #Snowden
extra3 on Sep 13, 2014, 19:10:57.
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Richard Gutschmidt was quite a busy man: He created 134 illustrations for the #Sherlock Holmes stories at about 1905. on Sep 11, 2014, 19:49:36.
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Eventually, every major corporation will have its own custom typeface. And they will all look the same.
Tiro Typeworks on Sep 10, 2014, 4:29:38.