about me

Stylized notebook computer
I'm a software developer living at the North Sea in Husum, Germany, working on Java, .NET and C projects with Oracle and MySQL. I'm also doing a lot of system administration work, both for Unix and Windows.
Software Developer
Husum, Germany


Recent activites include IT in­fra­struc­ture and development work for Terminland and the implementation of the EasyClin CTMS, an extremely flexible and robust management system used in clinical trials for SynapCon Ltd.
I have also built a webshop and B2B-System at Pegasus Spiele, a high-availability Linux-based hard- and software solution for SynapCon to run the CTMS, the IT system at Amantec CRO including a law-conformant mail system and worked on automatic recommendation system fundamentals for the Technical University of Darmstadt and Deutsche Telekom. I'm proficient in hardware-based loadbalancing, Unix systems in general, website construction and more.
Clinical Trial Management System, IT Infrastructure,
Webshop, B2B-System, System administration


I'm interested in typography, fonts, layout and things related, resulting in a typeset version of the Sherlock Holmes canon at sherlock-holm.es.
I also like interactive fiction and have implemented a Z-code interpreter library and a corresponding text-based frontend called fizmo, which can be used to run old Infocom text adventures and stories which were created with the Inform compiler.
Typography & fonts — sherlock-holm.es
Interactive fiction — Z-Machine interpreter